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RIB AMIGO 510 V – lux watercraft
28 November 2016
You have been looking for a boat that meets your requirements but haven't found? Here is the RIB you can't pass by! Standard set includes all accessories needed. You don't have to waste your time looking for completments.
Production of new models of boats for wholesale customers
6 June 2016
Since 2013 Aqua-Storm Company produces boats for international group of companies NORMARK under brands SeaFox and NORMARK. These models are successfully sold all over the world.
Special orders produced by Aqua-Storm Company
15 April 2016
By 2016 we have produced lots of interesting models, some of them were produced for special orders.
Which accessories to choose for boat Magellan
4 February 2016
We continue to tell about our boats. Now we will stop on Magellan line of the boats.
Assembly instruction for foldable RIB Amigo 315F
17 June 2015
Lay out foldable RIB as on photos 1-4.
Types and features of usage of inflatable boats
11 May 2015
Since ancient times people used not only cane and wood for making rafts and boats, but also animal’s skin which they inflated. Later appeared watercrafts covered with leather.
The Ice Fishing World Championship 2015 in Finland
1 April 2015
The Ice Fishing World Championship 2015 in Finland