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1 April 2015
The Ice Fishing World Championship 2015 in Finland

photo by Alexander Rozin

Trainings lasted for several days. The opening ceremony was held on the last day of trainings.

photo by Alexander Rozin

Atmosphere on the opening was very pleasant. There were finnish national food and entertainments. It finished quite quickly - everybody was preparing for the last day of trainings.

photo by Alexander Rozin

photo by Alexander Rozin

For several days while teams were getting used to the pond and its features roach and bass were biting actively. On the last day of trainings the atmosphere became tense as the official championship was coming.

In the morning of the first day the photoshoot for teams were organized. And then the preparation started: participants checked their tackles and gear. In the end of the first tour it was hard to say who was going to win the championship. In some places fish were biting actively, in others not really, some participants weren’t lucky to be in fishing spots.


Finland 17 scores

Latvia 23 scores

Russia 24 scores

Ukraine 25 scores

USA 31 scores

In the second and final tour of Ice Fishing World Championship Ukraine took the first place, Finland took the second and Russia was on the third.


  We thank our team for the win. You are the best! We are proud of you!