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6 June 2016

Since 2013 Aqua-Storm Company produces boats for international group of companies NORMARK under brands SeaFox and NORMARK. These models are successfully sold all over the world.

NORMARK is a member of popular international corporation. It is leading on the market of fishing and recreation products. NORMARK is well known in Europe, Asia, North and South America.

The company has been working on the ukrainian market for 16 years. It chooses only the best partners producers and suppliers and strictly controls the quality of goods launched on the market.

We also produce boats for brands: LK baits, Maverick, Kapitan, JETMAR, Rapala, Kayra (Turkey) and Parsun, Magellan and others.


Our company has the line of standard models. On their basis we can design the boat You need. You choose the base, colour and discuss features of structure. We assume responsibilities for other aspects including delivery of big wholesale orders. You only have to make a choice. It is suitable for You if You are interested in fast and high-quality fulfillment of Your orders.

Colour spectrum is a good chance to stand out among competitors. Boats can be produced in standard as well as in unusual colours. Pay attention to this model.

Model STM280 is made in interesting and nonstandard grey-blue colour. Every boat is equipped with stationary transom and U-shaped buoyancy tube is divided into three airtight compartments. The set of the boat is designed for european market.

Our factory is located in Ukraine. Due to this we deliver goods in short terms - You don’t have to wait for a long time.

The set of boat can also be changed due to Your requirements. There is a standard set that is included by default, but it can be changed - complements can be replaced or added. Our company produce wide range of accessories so we can offer lots of variants.

What if You want to order Your own line of boats, but standard models and structures are not suitable for You. We are able to produce boats with nonstandard characteristics and design due to Your individual requirements

Our engineers and designers have been working with boats for 10 years. They are able to produce boats of any complexity. As in good atelier You can discuss everything: shape, structure, colour, design, set and complements.

Fox example these boats were produced by Aqua-Storm Company for czech fishermen (video below)

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