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28 November 2016

You have been looking for a boat that meets your requirements but haven't found? Here is the RIB you can't pass by! Standard set includes all accessories needed. You don't have to waste your time looking for completments.

rib amigo - лодка риб от Aqua-Storm

4 main advantages of AMIGO 510 V:

  • Improved contact with water provides maneuverability

  • 5 passengers are allowed on board

  • Carrying capacity is 648 kg

  • It can be equipped with motor of 75 h.p. that allows to reach high speed

Structure of the boat includes inflatable boards and rigid bottom made of fiberglass. Boards provide resistance to surging as they amortize waves. Bad weather is not an obstacle at all!

Rigid fiberglass bottom means safety and reliability. Why is it so popular material? Fiberglass does not absorb water and is hard to damage as it has same density along the whole surface. Fiberglass is resistant to temperature changes. Heat or frost it doesn't matter, it won't influence the bottom. Rigid bottom is designed specially for sliding on water and long trips.

Enlarged cockpit is another advantage of this model. You can freely move on board that is very comfortable.

And if you need to clean RIB, just rinse it with fresh water! Sand and mud will just flow down into the deeping on the stern.

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