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15 April 2016

By 2016 we have produced lots of interesting models, some of them were produced for special orders.

Launch Fish is our new model of 2015. It is functional and reliable boat that meets requirements of both professional fisherman and amateur.

катер Storm Fish, от aqua storm, фото

The hull of the launch is made of fiberglass (gelcoat, polyester resin, fiberglass fabrics). 

Framework is made of 6-20 mm waterproof plywood covered with fiberglass. 

Hull consists of two main part, they are the deck and the bottom. Framework of the bottom part is longitudinal-transverse structure connected to the bottom part of the hull that forms cellular structure filled with polyurethane foam

Deck part of the hull has enhancers of steering system, platforms for driver’s and passenger’s seats mounting, platforms for seats support mountings in bow and stern parts, and places for windscreens mountings

Модель RIB AMIGO 315F is an interesting model of RIB with foldable fiberglass bottom and inflatable buoyancy tubes. It has passed all the test of independent experts. Quote:

«Amigo 315F name fully reflects its length that is 3 meters and 16 centimeters. Diameter of buoyancy tube is 41 cm. Weight is 39 kg. But it seemed to be less while transporting. Width is 150 cm. And all these numbers are nothing compared with stated motor power. As it is said in the certificate, Amigo 315F is made for outboard motor of 20 horse powers! Just think about it – 315 centimeters, 39 kilograms and 20 horse powers. It could be fun…

лодка RIB AMIGO 315F от aqua storm

Set of this boat is quite simple. Boat with pump are in one bag; seats, oars and fasteners in another. Because of fasteners it is so important not to leave a bag with ours at garage. We left it and waste plenty of time in traffic jams…

It weighs 39 kg. One can place it in a car put it afloat alone. After that you can not only go on fishing but are cheerful and feel great.

It is assembled quickly. If you know how to do it, it is much faster to assemble Amigo 315F than any other inflatable boat. Moreover, there much less problems with this RIB than with others, that is quite impressive.

It has rigid bottom. Considering weight and maneuverability in transportation you get a motor boat with rigid (with batch slats it also will be comfortable) bottom. Isn’t it a dream?

Another big advantage is safety. Even if you manage to tear all compartments, the boat is afloat. We didn’t tear them, but deflated.».


Models Stm180 and Stm210 combine best qualities of rowing and motor boats. Considering their small size and light weight little bigger than 20 kg these boats are great choice for fishing on small and calm water. Each model has special bag for transporting.


Overall length (cm) 210
Overall width (cm) 121
Buoyancy tube diameter (cm) 30
Airtight compartments 2
Amount of slats 2
Passengers capacity 1
Carrying capacity (kg)
Motor power (h.p.) 3,5
Weight of the boat (kg) 21,6
Dimensions (cm) 100 x 50 x 26
PVC fabrics (g/m2) 950


This model was designed in 2010, it weighs only 3 kg and its transparent bottom makes the boat a great present for children and their parents.

лодка storm mini c прозрачным дном, вес 3 кг от aqua storm


Overall length (cm) 123
Overall width (cm) 79
Buoyancy tube diameter (cm) 21
Airtight compartments 2
Passengers capacity 1
Carrying capacity (kg)
Weight of the boat (kg) 3
Dimensions (cm) 43 x 42 x 15  
PVC fabrics (g/m2) 850

Additional information about Aqua-storm Company:

  • Flagship line of rowing and motor boats STORM;
  • Motor-keel line STORM EVOLUTION;
  • Line of rowing boats MAGELLAN;
  • Economic line of motor-keel boats LUCKY;
  • Economic line of rowing boats MAVERICK;
  • RIB AMIGO (boat with inflatable boards and plastic bottom);
  • foldable RIB;
  • Metallic launches ALISA;
  • Boats’ accessories.

Also since 2013 Aqua-Storm produces boats for well-known trademarks as:

  • International group of companies NORMARK (boats SEA FOX, NORMARK and Rapala);
  • LK baits Company, Czech Republic (LK baits boats);
  • PARSUN Company, Ukraine (Parsun boats)