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Inflatable Donut Tube №3 is designed for sleding from small snow hills, are suitable for adults and children.

Dimensions: outer diameter - 90 cm, inner diameter - 27 cm, weight - 3.1 kg.   
It is very lightweight and compact when deflated and is made of durable (800 g/m2) and resistant to temperature changes (from -40 to +50°C) PVC material. It perfectly slides on snow in winter and can be easily towed by motor boat or jet ski in summer so donut tube is useful during the whole year.

This Snow Tube softly slides on snow and water and provides high comfort and safety due to its structure: inflatable bladder and absence of rigid elements. Seams are made with highly durable thread. Its handles are very convenient one can hold them even wearing thick gloves. Due to its characteristics, comfortable and safe sliding on the donut tube may become favourite activity for recreation with family or friends.

Children musn't use Snow Tubes without parental supervision!
Attention! Do not use Snow Tube without sufficient snow cover or on high slopes with trees and shrubs. Always observe the safety measures when on water.
Inflatable Snow Tube №3
Inflatable Snow Tube №3
Inflatable Snow Tube №3
Inflatable Snow Tube №3
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