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17 August 2015

Launch boat Fish is a new model of 2015. Launch Fish is functional and reliable boat, its design combines needs of professionals and amauter fishermen.

The hull is made of fiberglass (gelcoat, polyester resin, glass mat, glass fiber). 

Framework is made of waterproof plywood 6-20 mm covered with fiberglass. 

Hull consists of two main parts: deck and bottom.

Width of bottom part of the hull is 12-15 mm., width of boards is 8-10 mm.

Width of deck part of the hull is 4-6 mm.

Bottom part of the hull has the framework - longitudinal and transverse structure connected to the bottom part of the hull that forms cellular structure filled with polyurethane foam.

Deck part of the hull has enhancers of steering system, platforms for driver’s and passenger’s seats mounting, platforms for seats support mountings in bow and stern parts, and places for windscreens mountings.

The hull is equipped with steering control system; speedometer; tachometer; voltmeter; fuel gauge; 70 l. fuel tank with fuel level gauge, filler neck, fuel tank ventilation, fuel intake; switchers for hold water removal pump, sound signal, navigation lights, pump, and aerator; windscreen; mooring cleats

The hull is equipped with electric system 12v that includes battery disconnect switch, terminal of battery attachment, fuse block.

Lockers are placed in the hull. There are two side lockers in which traction batteries for anchor winch and trolling electromotor can be set.

Locker for spinnings is in the middle part.

Aerator with pumping and dumping system, locker, and cargo locker with place for launching battery are in the stern part.

The hull has holes for water dumping from motor recess, hold, aerator; aerator overflow.

Deck cover: carpeting cover on rubber base.

Swivel seats for driver and passengers.

Transom height is 500 mm that matches dead-wood length of L sized motor.

photo by Andrey Starkov


Technical charcteristics:

Maximum length. 4,700 m.

Maximum width 1,925 m.

Heicht of the board. 0,773 m.

Hull draft 0,371 m.

Hull material fiberglass

Framework material waterproof plywoood 

Carrying capacity 450 kg

Passengers capacity 3 persons

Power of outboard motor 40-70 h.p.

(is not includet to the set)

Hull weight 480 kg

photo by Andrey Starkov

The launch was tested on river Volga in Saint Petersburg. Owner’s review

New boat like а new girlfriend:)
Little by little I’m getting used to the river and to the new boat. Two weeks in workshops are rewarded - the boat got used to me. There are lots to do but even now I see that the Aqua-Storms project is successful. Everyday trips and first twenty hours of motoring I spent with pleasure. And I still look back when leave the yacht club.

Andrey Starkov