Warranty Terms

  1. Warranty shell become effective only upon receipt of “Operating Manual” with properly completed Warranty card: date of purchase, model, name, signature, full name of boat’s owner and also document that confirms the purchase (receipt, sales invoice).
  2. The producer guarantees operability of the boat if purchaser follows the rules of usage, transporting and storage of the boat stated by given manual.
  3. The producer is obliged to eliminate workmanship defects during the warranty period. Warranty repair is made by service center of Aqua-Storm Company.
  4. Warranty period from the day of purchase from a retail store is 36 month, but not more than 42 month from the date of production for seams and PVC materials. (For model Maverick - 12 months). During 12 months for complements and accessories (pump, oars, products from plywood).
  5. Workmanship defects are to be eliminated by the producer. During the warranty period and in case of compliance of storage and usage rules the producer is obliged to perform a necessary repair, and in case of grave defects through manufacturer’s fault to replace an inflatable boat during 30 days.
  6. The boat or complements can be replaced within 14 days after date of purchase if they were not used and are not damaged.
  7. Seams are considered damaged if outer layer detaches from reinforced fabrics base or if the seam loses its structural integrity.
  8. The glue that juts out from seams can change its color to yellow under influence of sunlight that does not influence characteristics of glued seams and the product as a whole and is not considered as defect.
  9. Board compartments are considered airtight if they keep their shape when inflated during 10 hours considering pressure depending on temperature changes.