Aqua-Storm Company’s specialists recommend that the boat to last longer should be stored under conditions specified in the Operating Manual.

When the boating season comes to the end the boat should be prepared for the winter storage: sand, mud, algae and other dirt must be removed from the boat using soft brush. Additional attention should be paid when cleaning the place between inflatable boards and bottom because there can be more sand. Mud and oily stains should be removed with soap and warm water using sponge or rag. Gasoline and other organic solvents must not be used for this purpose. Components such as seats, oars, bellows pump and others should we carefully cleaned, washed and dried before paсking. Pump hose should not be stored folded or bent.

One should not postpone repair of the boat until spring, all the damage should be repaired before packing the boat. If inflatable boat is damaged, it should be washed with clean water and thoroughly dried partly pumped, better to do that in the shadow or if there is a slight wind. It is important to dry the ribbon connecting board and bottom completely, to do this deflate the boat and evert its bottom. The board should also be thoroughly dried and left with everted valves for some time. Before everting talc the air chambers and the ouеside of the inflatable boats.

Inflatable boat should be stored unfolded and partly pumped if possible. if it is stored packed, it is advised to fold it broadly, because the cracks can appear in folded places. The more wide bends are, the less possibility of the rifts is. For the same purpose the boat should be re-folded once in three months so that the bends are made in other places and pump the air chamber of the boat and deflate them two or three times to ventilate the outside on the boat.

Aqua-Storm Company’s inflatable boat should be stored in dry place with the temperature from -10 to +35°С and 30-80% relative air humidity, the boat should be protected from the sun rays and be stored at least in one meter from heating devices, it should not be exposed to oil, gasoline, kerosene, alkalis and other chemically active substances, which can damage outer surface.

ATTENTION! It is important to store the boat in the place out of the reach of rodents, because they can seriously damage it in short period of time.